* Data Dashboards: You are generating large amounts of data. You need to decide what to review daily, weekly, and monthly, and how to present it. Alexandra Bowie Consulting can help you find the meaning in the numbers.

* Data reports: You are a funder or service provider and want to interpret the reports of grantees, and develop metrics to see whether your grant dollars are making a difference. You don't need a full-blown statistical study, but developing a reasonably rigorous and consistent approach will help you understand what the data tell you.

* Research and writing: You want to decide whether to pursue a line of services, or what the best way to do so is. Alexandra Bowie Consulting will research your subject, write a report, and present findings and conclusions to you, your staff, and your board.

* Strategic Planning: Whether your organization is large or small, it's time to plan for the next five or 10 years. Alexandra Bowie can guide you through the process, identifying issues, interviewing stakeholders, facilitating your retreat, and helping you craft your final strategic plan.

* Program Development: What staffing does your new or start-up program need? How well will the program you're contemplating fit in with your existing programs and administrative structure? What are possible sources of funding? Alexandra Bowie can help you think through these important questions as your organization grows.

* Accreditation Support: Whether it's your initial accreditation or reaccreditation, Alexandra Bowie Consulting can review narratives and documents, write procedures, and help you stay organized and sane throughout the process.

Daily or hourly rates.
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